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Check Writing Services

Cytech Meridian, Inc. offers complete check writing services with no monthly subscription fees or minimum volumes to meet.   We will help you design, manage and execute your check writing services solution from beginning to end.  Our Pay as You Go check writing services include standard features for which most check writing companies charge additional fees.   Whether you need to send 100 or 100,000 checks let us help you to reduce costs and improve your business process.  Checks are drawn from your bank account allowing you complete control of your company’s finances.  Large volume batch check payments are handled with ease and much faster than most companies can perform the same operations in house.

The process to outsource your check writing to Cytech is simple and we’ll have you up and running in no time.   Once your check writing account is established just send us your payment file and we’ll do the rest.  Your check data is converted to a check image and printed on secure check stock with MICR toner.  We’ll send you a full report to update your internal accounting systems.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you get your checks in the mail quickly with our outsourced Check writing Services solution.

Why You Should Use Our Check Writing Services

No Monthly Minimums or Charges!

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Same Day Processing
  • Secure MICR Check Stock
  • Multiple Check Security Features
  • Secure Data Uploads
  • Full Reporting
  • Your Logo on Checks

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Check Printing Options

See sample checks here

Pressure Seal Check
Bounce Back Check
Check in Envelope

Check Writing Services for:

  • Commission Checks
  • Refund Checks
  • Royalty Checks
  • Class Action Check Payments
  • Insurance Claim Reimbursements
  • AP/Vendor Checks
  • Affiliate Check Payments
  • Bonus Checks
  • Dividend Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Reward Checks
  • Incentive Check Payments
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