What is Positive Pay?

Positive pay is a fraud prevention tool offered by financial institutions to their business customers to prevent unauthorized checks from clearing their bank account.  When issuing a check, or a batch of checks, companies submit a positive pay file to their bank or financial institution. If an unissued check is presented, an exception is generated and the account holder notified.

The Cost of Using a Check Writing Service

Lowering the Cost of Paper Checks The cost of using our Check Writing Service is much less than what it would cost if you were going to print and mail checks in-house. While many payments are handled electronically today there will always be a need for paper checks.   In the day and age [...]

Rewards & Incentives Motivate employees

Rewards & incentives work because they motivate employees to do more than they normally would (and are required to do) by giving them something in return for their efforts.

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