Your checks will be customized with your logo, messages and company information.  You can view samples of the typical check layout here.  If the standard layout does not work for your needs we can create a custom layout for your project.  Just send us a copy of your current check and we’ll design your check to match it perfectly.

Utilize the check stub to deliver important information to your payees.  A standard check will allow you to place up to 1,600 characters of text in this space.  Utilize the reference field for short messages such as Invoice #, Account Number, Date Spans, etc.  This field is printed on both the check stub and the check itself and is about 40 characters of text.

We can combine text and images to deliver special offers, rebates, discounts, coupons, etc. turning your check payment into an advertising and revenue generating opportunity.  Contact us today to discuss your specific check writing services needs.

Standard Outsourced Check Writing Service Check Layout