Rewards and Incentives

Effective Reward Programs are

  1. Simple to navigate
  2. Reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases
  3. Are fun and engaging for participants
  4. Provide value that matters to them
  5. Deliver what they promise

Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and incentives are increasingly becoming an integral component of corporate development and expansion strategies.   Cytech Meridian provides complete incentive, loyalty and reward programs that drive your customers to spend more, your employees to perform better and your vendors and channel partners to deliver exceptional results.

We offer several types of reward and incentive programs.

Reward Program Types

  • Retail Loyalty Programs

  • Shopping Rewards

  • Rebate Rewards

  • Employee Rewards

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Employer Health Incentive Programs

  • Employee Performance

  • Employee Motivation

  • Sales Performance

  • Sales Incentives

  • Channel Sales

  • Distributor Sales

Reward Payment Options

Once your participants have earned their incentives or rewards, either directly or through a traditional points based program, you have several options for reward redemption.     Choose from Checks, Prepaid Debit Cards, Retail Store Gift Cards or physical merchandise such as an iPad or MP3 player.  If you prefer merchandise but can’t decide on a single item you can provide your recipients with a web catalog where they can choose their own rewards based on the number of points or dollar value they’ve earned.    Choose from any of our reward payment methods or a combination of any or all of them.  It’s entirely up to you.

  • Company Branded Merchandise

  • Web Based Product Catalog

  • Printed Rewards Catalog

Custom Reward System Portals

Develop a custom reward system based on your specific needs for your customers, employees and vendors.  Create incentive, fund raising and loyalty programs like awarding points for purchases, BOGO, referral programs, Points Per Action and much more.

Complete Reward Systems include domain registration, branding and hosting.  Contact us today to build your custom reward or incentive program.

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