What is Variable Data Document Printing?

Variable-data printing (VDP), also known as variable-information printing (VIP), is a form of mail-merge printing where individual elements such as text, graphics and images are changed from one printed piece to the next using information from a database or external data file.  It is simply the process of extracting data from a source and placing the data in a specific area of a document.

Cytech Meridian provides several types of data driven document printing services that your company may currently be handling in-house.  In most cases it is more cost effective and efficient to outsource these tasks to an outsourced printing provider like us.   These in-house documents might include invoices, statements, letters, checks, notifications, forms, etc.


Just send a data file and your work is done!


No need to set up your own data merge.  Send us the file and we’ll take care of it.


We'll have your documents in the mail in no time!


100 or 100,000 we’ll get your documents in the mail quickly and efficiently.


Your documents will be 100% accurate guaranteed!


Mistakes can happen in a busy office but at Cytech Meridian we do it right the first time…Guaranteed!


No more paper, toner, equipment or labor costs.


Eliminate the need to purchase equipment and supplies and reduce your overhead costs.

Pressure Seal Forms Printing

While we continue to provide standard envelope mailing services, the use of pressure seal forms for variable data document printing is becoming more popular with our clients.  Pressure Seal forms are the perfect choice to deliver secure information to your customers, vendors and employees.

Known for their perforated tear off strips, these forms are perceived to be important by the recipient, have higher mail service delivery rates, and offer a level of customization you simply cannot achieve with traditional envelope mailings.   They are perfect for secure document mailings.  Use them to mail PIN numbers for new accounts, password information, tax forms and more.   Forms can be completely customized for your specific project and mailing needs.  Once designed you can send us your data file and we’ll print and mail the forms for you.

Variable Data Document Printing

  • W2 and 1099 Forms

  • PIN # Notifications

  • Password Notification

  • Invoices

  • Statements

  • Checks

  • Welcome Letters

  • Collection Letters

  • EOB – Explanation of Benefits

  • Policy Documents

  • Healthcare Statements

  • Direct Mail Advertising

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